Welcoming Note From UNIMY Vice Chancellor​


Welcome to UNIMY Centre for Digital Transformation (UNIDIGIT).

As a premier digital technology university, we at UNIMY as well prepared to contribute towards the national digitalisation efforts. Given the importance of digital transformation for the industry and in our daily lives, UNIMY has set up the UNIMY Centre for Digital Transformation (UNIDIGIT) to promote lifelong learning and continuing education with structured educational and training programmes.

The world we live in today is changing way faster than we could ever imagine. Thus, every one of us needs to gain knowledge and learn new skills throughout our life. Be it for personal development and fulfillment, or as a significant support for career advancement, we should never stop learning, which is what continuous and lifelong learning is all about.

At UNIDIGIT, a wide range of programmes are offered including executive programmes, professional certification programmes, and professional short courses. The centre also provides consultancy services utilising the technical expertise of relevant UNIMY academicians.

UNIDIGIT open its arms and welcome everybody to the programmes and activities it offers.

Warmest Regards,

Professor Datuk Ts. Dr. Mohd Razali Muhamad
Vice Chancellor

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